MediTimeTracker is an easy to use solution to replace the task of completing hand written timesheets used by junior doctors.

Fexibility and Ease of Use

Supporting a range of input devices, from PCs and tablets to smart phones, MediTimeTracker offers the maximum convenience to NCHDs to submit timesheets online 24/7.

An intuitive interface and comprehensive online Help means users can be trained to use the system within minutes.

A streamlined submission and approval process guarantees up-to-date, accurate and timely processing of timesheets with much reduced turnaround times and increased job satisfaction.

Improving Manpower Visibility and Planning

With full access to all their department’s timesheets, with MediTimeTracker, consultants and administrators can review in summary or detail:  onsite hours, on call hours, breaks, leave taken and training by department or individual NHCDs.

MediTimeTracker is easily customised to incorporate the Hospital’s specific work practices to allow automatic calculation of hours worked and effective paid hours.

reducing administration costs and improving efficiencies.

EWTD Compliance

MediTimeTracker can help ensure adherence with the European Working Time Directive (EWTD) by providing a full suite of automated reports including EWTD compliance and overtime analysis as well as other ad-hoc reports..